Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

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Solar Panel Washing

We Will Make Your Solar Panels Spotfree

In addition to conserving natural resources, solar panel technology lowers your utility bill. However, if your solar panels are covered with dirt and dust, they won't do anything to reduce your power bills. But why should you hire specialists to clean them frequently? Solar panels are exposed all the time. Solar panels gather dust and debris that impairs their performance in all weather conditions, from summer downpours to winter snowstorms. Your solar panels become nearly unusable over time as a result of accumulation of pollutants, algae, and other natural events. The buildup of dust and debris can have a negative impact on the sensitive parts that make up solar panels. Consequently, it is imperative that you have your solar panels cleaned. RAINFALL DOESN'T CLEAN YOUR SOLAR PANELS SURFACE just like your car remains dirty after a downpour.
Solar panels cannot be cleaned with hose water! What then should you employ? With our pure water technology, Spotfree Illawarra has the ideal solution for safely cleaning your solar panels, so you can rest easy knowing they'll stay clean for longer.

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Solar Panel Cleaning



Improve Efficiency
Increases Solar Panels Life
Lower Energy Power Bills
Save Money
Increases Sunlight Exposure
Prevents Damage


Solar Panel Washing removes:

Build-up of dust
Bird Droppings