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Due to the high PSI, high pressure cleaning can easily peel paint, leave streak marks, and harm surfaces and exteriors. You won't need to be concerned with us. You are in good hands with years of high pressure cleaning experience. To provide the best results, we give careful consideration to each pressure cleaning task. In order to achieve a top - notch clean with no damage or abrasions, our high pressure cleaning equipment is equipped with pressure control valves that can be adjusted for delicate surfaces. Our specialist will carefully assess the required pressure. Our pressure washing and soft washing services at Spotfree Illawarra Cleaning Services are an efficient way to remove any filth and grime that may be making your home look undesirable and prematurely depreciating. With the help of our services, we can swiftly improve your property's appearance and raise its charm to a perfect 10/10 in just one day! We take great delight in assisting homeowners in the Illawarra Region and neighbouring areas to get the most out of their properties. Contact Us for any cleaning tasks if you need a trustworthy professional  to help you restore your property or get your house ready for sale.

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Pressure Washing / Gurney Washing

Pressure Washing Areas

Suitable Areas:

Pavers Or Stones


Pressure Washing removes:

Deep Stains
Oil Stains

Benefits of Pressure Washing:


Prevents Damage
Asset value Appreciation
Elongates Lifetime
Curb Appeal
Saves Money in Long Run
Stain Prevention